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While most couples agree that their wedding day goes by in a flash, there’s one way to remember all the little things that made the day so special: your wedding day photos collection. From putting on the wedding gown, to walking down the aisle, to taking your first dance as husband and wife, a photographer is responsible for capturing dozens of important moments. While an experienced photographer will give you plenty of tips and guide you through the process to ensure you end up with a beautiful collection of photos, you and your fiancé can do your part to ensure those wedding day photos come out even better.

Here are 12 tips for perfect wedding day photos:

Wedding Day Planning

1) Do a hair and makeup run-through in advance to make sure you feel comfortable and beautiful in your wedding day photos.

2) Develop a detailed photography plan in advance with your photographer so that you won’t be stressed about it on your wedding day. Give yourself extra time to avoid feeling rushed!

3) Make sure you have lots of lighting if your reception is being held in a tent or outdoors at night time. Candles, strung lights, lanterns, and hanging chandeliers all add to the mood and make for great photography lighting.

4) If you wear glasses as part of your signature look and are planning on doing so on your wedding day, discuss it with your photographer in advance so he or she can plan on avoiding flash and navigating brightly lit areas appropriately.

5) Practice your smile in front of a mirror and memorize how your facial muscles feel when you achieve a natural, happy look.

6) Go through old photos of you and your fiancé and take note of the angles or poses in your favorite ones.

Day of the Wedding

7) To avoid a double chin, slightly extend your head forward and lift up your chin.

8) Instead of facing the camera straight on, position your body at a 45-degree angle.

9) Subtly lift your arms away from your body for a slimmer look.

10) Ask your maid of honor to stay with you during scheduled photo blocks to make sure you don’t have any stray hairs or food in your teeth, plus to ensure the fabric of your wedding gown is positioned perfectly.

11) Be sure to stand up straight and avoid a hunched over look, which is especially unattractive in photos.

12) Stay loose and let go of your inner perfectionist. You want your pictures to show just how happy you were on your wedding day, and a few unexpected hiccups along the way or less-than-perfect shots are nothing to worry about!

Wedding day photos

There’s another photography tip that more and more couples are choosing for their wedding day photos: doing the “First Look” photo shoot. During the First Look, the bride and groom see each other in their wedding day attire for the first time before they walk down the aisle. With the groom in his tux or suit and the bride in her wedding gown, they are positioned back to back or with their eyes closed. The photographer captures the sweet and beautiful moment as they see each other all made up for their big day. Partly thanks to the bride’s fresh makeup and perfect hair, the resulting photographs are just incredible. This is just one more idea for modern couples who are looking to document their wedding day so they can look back and cherish the photos–and memories–for years to come!

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  1. Excellent blog! Very useful ideas for planning the wedding. My wedding is in two months in Serbia. Everything is ready. I bought a wedding dress in the salon. She is beautiful!

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