8 Fun Ideas for a Unique Twist on Your 2015 Toronto Wedding!

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Happy New Year to all the wonderful brides who read the Bella’s Brides blog! Are you planning a Toronto wedding for 2015? If you are, chances are good that you’ve got your planning checklist in order with all the big items every bride focuses on organizing. There’s no doubt it includes things like the venue, entertainment, catering, and–of course!–your wedding gown. But after you’ve got a good handle on all those important parts of the big day, you may want to take a little time to plan some smaller special touches that will make your Toronto wedding an even more memorable one for you and your guests. If you want an unexpected twist or fun surprise for your guests, make sure you check out these 8 unique ideas:

1) Hire a sketch artist.

Send your guests home with a hand drawn memento! Choose a sketch artist that matches you and your sweetheart’s personalities and the vibe of your wedding. Whether it’s a goofy caricature or a contemporary profile, your guests will love the experience of being sketched and then getting to take home an extra keepsake from the wedding!

2) Have a customized tasting bar.

Small batch and artisanal brewing is a huge trend that doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. If you and your partner are big fans of beer–or wine, whiskey, or cider–invite your guests to share your hobby for the evening!

3) Serve food family style.

Encourage friendly interaction between your guests by serving up food family style at each table. It will be a great conversation starter and provide a dining experience that is unique from all those Toronto weddings your guests are attending this year!

4) Surprise guests with a late night snack.

If you plan on dancing late into the night, be sure your guests have the energy to do the same! A surprise late night snack will put a smile on guests’ faces and will fuel the dance party.

5) Have a dance-off.

If your friends and family are known for having a good time on the dance floor, challenge them to an epic dance-off and your wedding will be the talk of the group for years to come. Enlist the wedding party to kick things off, then invite the rest of the guests to join in the fun!

6) Hire a niche or cover band.

Do you and your fiancé have an obsession with a specific band or genre of music that was popular in your youth? Hire entertainment for part of the evening that pays tribute. Your guests will get a kick out of your 80s or 90s throwback!

7) Go nontraditional with the cake flavors.

Don’t think you’re stuck with classic favorites like red velvet, carrot cake, or chocolate when it comes to selecting a flavor for your wedding cake. Consider new flavors your guests have probably never tried, like chai tea, honey lavender, or orange cardamom.

8) Send guests home with breakfast supplies.

If you’re planning on celebrating with guests until the early hours of the morning, show them how much you appreciate their late night antics by gifting them a “next morning” breakfast package with pancake mix and a mini bottle of maple syrup.

Remember, despite all the stress that comes with the process, planning a wedding should be fun! If you need help finding your wedding gown, choosing bridesmaids dresses, or connecting with reputable vendors, contact us at Bella’s Brides. We would love to help you make your 2015 Toronto wedding everything you have always dreamed of–and then some!

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